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Why do you need to choose professional sports glasses for outdoor sports

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1. Block the culprit of cataracts - ultraviolet rays
The young don't protect their eyes, but the elder is sad. Ultraviolet rays are the main pathogenic factor of cataracts. In my country, the prevalence rate of cataracts over the age of 50 is nearly 60%, and it is nearly 60% by the age of 80. This is often the result of not paying attention to ultraviolet protection when young. Therefore, a pair of outdoor glasses that can block 100% of ultraviolet rays is a necessary equipment to ensure the eye health of every outdoor sports enthusiast. The main symptoms of cataracts: blurred vision, as if there is a film covering the eyes; the color looks dull or brownish yellow; there are double images; glare or halos;

Revo lenses yellow red color cycling sunglasses
Revo lenses yellow red color cycling sunglasses
2. Accidents may be a distraction, and it is often glare that makes you distracted!
Outdoor strong light and glare have strong interference, and even cause temporary blindness. For outdoor sportsmen who are full of speed and competition, this may often cause irreparable damage to you. Therefore, anti-glare/glare has become one of the most essential safety measures for outdoor sports. In environments that are likely to cause strong reflections of light, such as snow, water, and deserts, we recommend using professional outdoor polarized sports glasses, which can effectively isolate reflected glare.
3. If you love him, hug him - give the eyes three-dimensional protection
Wearing outdoor sports glasses is by no means to be cool, the most important thing is to protect your eyes. Most of the ordinary sunglasses on the market are not suitable for outdoor sports. Because of the particularity of outdoor sports, it is often accompanied by wind, sand and sweat. Products that lack three-dimensional environmental protection can easily damage the eyes from wind and sand. Excellent product design requires the frame and lens to fit perfectly with the face and protect the eyes three-dimensionally.
4. Intense outdoor sports are extremely destructive, and strong shields for the eyes are indispensable
The competitive nature of outdoor sports determines that bumps and falls are unavoidable during sports, and the outdoor environment of flying sand and rocks is even more unpredictable. With high-strength impact-resistant lenses, high flexibility, and indomitable frame materials, the Banglong professional series is definitely your strong backing during sports.
5. To hug, but also to hug comfortably
Don't blindly believe in imported brands. The Chinese face is wider and flatter, which is quite different from the European face size. Wearing European-style and American-sized glasses for a long time will cause dizziness due to the pressure on the parts near the temples. In addition, the glasses are too heavy, oppressing the bridge of the nose for a long time, which is extremely uncomfortable. Gottex exclusive Asian face design, the glasses made of ultra-light materials ensure the comfort of wearing for a long time.
6. Running and jumping, did your glasses slip again?
The soaking of sweat during exercise makes the sports sunglasses slip off more easily. It is too embarrassing to hold the glasses while running. The embracing degree of the legs of the Banglong Sports Series and the anti-slip grip of the nose pads ensure the stability of wearing. No longer have to worry about the glasses jumping and slipping off during exercise.