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How to choose anti-blue light lenses

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Blue light is a very energetic high-energy short-wave light with higher energy than red light and green light, so it can directly penetrate the cornea and crystal to reach the retina. This causes a kind of photochemical damage to the eyes as a whole, which can rapidly accelerate the oxidation process of the macular area of the eyes and cause damage to the eyes, also known as the "blue light damage" phenomenon. So, how to choose anti-blue light lenses?

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1) Cause visual fatigue. Due to the short wavelength of blue light, the focal point does not fall on the center of the retina, but a little more forward from the retina. In order to see clearly, the eyeballs will be in a state of tension for a long time, causing visual fatigue. At the same time, the tear film instability caused by blue light can also cause eye fatigue. Long-term visual fatigue may lead to myopia deepening, diplopia, easy serial reading, inability to concentrate and other symptoms, affecting people's learning and work efficiency.
2) Cause vision loss. Harmful blue light has extremely high energy and can penetrate the lens directly to the retina, causing the atrophy or even death of retinal pigment epithelial cells, and the death of light-sensitive cells will lead to vision loss.
3) Cause or aggravate dry eye. Studies have found that irradiating with a certain dose of blue light can damage the epithelial cells on the ocular surface, reduce the tear film break-up time, and cause dry eyes or aggravate dry eyes. This is also one of the reasons why patients who have been using video terminals such as computers and mobile phones for a long time often have dry eyes, stinging eyes, and photophobia and tearing.
As people pay more attention to health and further understand the harm of blue light, how to prevent blue light has become the focus of consumers' attention. There are various anti-blue light products on the market, such as anti-blue light glasses, anti-blue light film, and built-in Anti-blue light function eye protection mode, adjust the color temperature of the screen through software to achieve the purpose of suppressing blue light. For workers who often use fluorescent screens, they can use anti-blue light wet room mirrors and artificial tears such as sodium hyaluronate to put on their eyes, which can prevent blue light and reduce water evaporation at the same time, which will play a certain role in anti-eye fatigue and prevention of dry eyes.