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What is a transition shot

Having a great pair of prescription sunglasses is a must for eyeglass fans who love spending time outdoors. With transition lenses, you can have a great pair of glasses and sunglasses in the same lens! Transition lenses are the generic name for photochromic lenses. When exposed to UV light, they change from regular glasses to sunglasses, and then back again when returned indoors. This is thanks to photochromic molecules made in the lenses.

Molecules in transition lenses have a lifetime, which determines how long they will continue to work. After a while, you will find that your lenses no longer darken or change as fast as they used to. Fortunately, transitional lenses last around 2 years, which is how long a prescription for regular lenses usually lasts. While transitional lenses don't offer the many colors that traditional sunglasses offer, we do offer two of the most popular shades, gray and brown.

Just like different shades of sunglasses, transition lens colors have different advantages. These lenses offer neutral shades that are best for everyday use. Your color perception will not be affected by lens tint. Grey transition lenses are perfect for sunny and cloudy days. Tortoiseshell and gold frames are great with grey lenses! These lenses help improve depth perception, making them ideal for sports and other recreational outdoor activities such as hunting and fishing.

Brown lenses sports sunglasses work better in brighter conditions, so they are not recommended for cloudy or low light conditions. Browse our eyewear styles until you find the perfect frame. If you're not sure where to start, you might consider finding your face shape to start choosing a style. You can also view all glasses and filter by gender, shape, edge, size, material, style and more!