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How to clean progressive lenses

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Because progressive lenses rely on precise measurements for their effect, some online retailers won't offer them. All accessory details are based on your face shape, size, frame design and how they interact. Therefore, without taking measurements while wearing the frame, your entire field of view may be limited. The advice you can get when buying progressive lenses is to ask questions and talk to your optician and then buy online.

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You can also get personalized women sunglasses recommendations based on your lifestyle and preferences. You should trust your optician and maintain open communication with them. They can give you advice that fits your lifestyle and preferences. Remember, everyone's eyes are different and no two are the same. What works for a friend or relative may not be the right solution for you.

Let your optician know how often you use your glasses, which ones are more active when you wear them, and express any concerns. Wearers are not advised to wear smaller progressive lenses as they may be more difficult to fit. Most opticians will recommend a lens height/depth of at least 30mm.

Gone are the days of having to change out glasses for different purposes. The advanced technology of progressive lenses has changed the game, and you can now choose from a number of stylish frames to match your progress! Regarding lens cleaning, you should not use too high or too low temperatures, abrasive cleaners or the bottom of your shirt to clean them. Mild soap and/or warm water with a microfiber cloth is always available.