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How long should glasses be used for

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The lifespan of a pair of glasses depends on several things, the most important being the material from which the glasses frames are made. For example, highly durable materials such as titanium frames, ultem frames and acetate frames should last a long time. While durability is important, it's not the only factor that affects the lifespan of a frame. Believe it or not, comfort and fit are important. Like any other item you use on a daily basis, eyeglass frames are prone to wear and tear.

2022 Demi color eye protection glass frames for women with CP temple
2022 Demi color eye protection glass frames for women with CP temple

Naturally, this can change their fit. Just because you have sturdy materials, doesn't mean a particular frame will always be right for you. Typically, frames will last two to three years, but if there are other issues, you may need to replace them soon. These include changes in style, comfort or lens prescription. Besides fit and comfort, another important factor is your prescription. That's why it's important to schedule an annual eye exam. Your eye care professional will test your eyes and let you know if you need to renew your prescription. Your frames can also wear out over the course of a few years, especially if you wear glasses every day.

Most eye care professionals recommend changing frames at the same time as changing lenses. To make sure you're making the right choice, check out our guide to choosing the best prescription glasses. While it's true that your vision won't get worse from wearing an old prescription, subtle changes in your vision can cause other problems. These include eye strain, headaches and diplopia - just scratch the surface. A pair of glasses should make you feel more comfortable and reduce the pressure on your eyes when you wear them.

If you take them off and feel more comfortable when not wearing them, it's a sign that you need a new prescription. As for the frames, while you can continue to use the old and new lenses, replacing them will ensure they continue to function properly. In addition to being comfortable, the frame also protects your lenses. Over time, eyeglass frames can become damaged and distort their shape. This can disrupt the position of your lenses, affecting your ability to make the most of your most recent prescription.