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What are the effects of different colors of sunglasses

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Sunglasses are one of the must-have sunscreens when people travel. Therefore, many people who travel or drive like to wear a pair of sunglasses when they go out. The purpose is to block the strong sun rays. Many people think that they wear darker suns. Glasses should be able to block more sunlight, which will protect the eyes, but is this really the case? Heel glasses experts here said that the darker the color of sunglasses is not the better, the darker color of sunglasses may cause damage to the eyes. Sunglasses of different colors all play different roles. Different colors have different effects on the eyes.
Green lens: while absorbing light, it maximizes the green light reaching the eyes, so it has a cool and comfortable feeling, suitable for people who are prone to eye fatigue. However, due to its low light transmittance and clarity, it is suitable for wearing in the sun and not suitable for driving.
Gray lens: It absorbs any color spectrum evenly, so the scene will only darken but there will be no obvious chromatic aberration, showing a real and natural feeling.
Brown lens: can absorb purple and cyan in the light, can absorb almost 100% of ultraviolet and infrared, can block the reflected light from a smooth and bright surface, and wear glasses can still see the subtle parts. It is an ideal choice for motorists.
Blue lens: The most popular sunglasses lens color, which can effectively filter out the light blue reflected by the sea and the sky, and is suitable for wearing when going to the beach.
Mercury lens: The lens surface adopts high-density mirror coating. Such lenses absorb and reflect more visible light and are suitable for outdoor sports people.
Yellow lens: Strictly speaking, this type of lens is not a sunglass lens, because it hardly reduces visible light, but in foggy and twilight hours, yellow lens can improve the contrast and provide more accurate vision, so it is also called night vision goggles. . It is very common to wear yellow lenses as filters when hunting and shooting.