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Why choose a lightweight framework

1. Long wear resistance
Wearing glasses can sometimes feel like a hassle. Conversely, with lightweight frames, you can wear your glasses for extended periods of time without discomfort. This is very beneficial during long workdays and when looking at computer screens. Pair it with blue light lenses for the best computer glasses combination. Overall, lightweight glasses are the best at helping you forget you're even wearing them.
2. Comfortable nose pads
If you've ever worn glasses that are too heavy, you may experience uncomfortable pressure on your nose. This discomfort can lead to headaches and indentations around the cheeks and nose. The lightweight frame puts minimal pressure on your nose, and the adjustable nose pads go a step further, ensuring they frame your nose perfectly.
3. No disturbing sight line
Lightweight glasses can reduce distractions caused by glasses. The lightweight glasses stay in place with minimal pushing and readjustment. If you're distracted by wearing glasses, consider rimless, lightweight glasses that use minimal frame material around the lenses.
4. Durable frame material
The lightweight frame is made of lightweight, highly durable materials. They're super high-quality, flexible styles with little fuss. The TR90 frame is constructed of thermoplastic material for the perfect combination of flexibility, durability and lightness. Titanium thin-frame glasses are another popular option, offering low density, high strength, and strong corrosion resistance.
5. Various shapes and styles
Lightweight glasses frames are available in a variety of styles. Detect your face shape to find the right frame shape for your facial structure and browse from our wide range of lightweight frames. You'll find frameless, semi-frameless, cat-eye, rectangle, circle, geometric, and more. The lightweight frame fits any face shape!