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What is a transition shot

Having a great eyewear factory pair of prescription sunglasses is a must for eyeglass fans who love spending time outdoors. With transition lenses, you can have a great pair of glasses and sunglasses in the same lens! Transition lenses are the generic name for photochromic lenses. When exposed to UV light, they change from regular glasses to sunglasses, and then back again when returned indoors. This is thanks to photochromic molecules made in the lenses.

We offer hundreds of frames for glasses, sunglasses and transition lenses. You can find the perfect style for light-adapting lenses in our vast collection. No need to buy a pair of glasses and sunglasses separately. You don't need to change your glasses or remember to carry two pairs with you, reducing the risk of losing them. The molecules in transition lenses have a life span which determines how long they will continue working.

After some time, you'll notice your lenses aren't getting as dark or changing as quickly as they used to. Luckily, transition lenses will last around 2 years, which is the amount of time the prescription for regular lenses will usually last. While transition lenses don't offer the array of colors that traditional sunglasses do, we offer the two most popular tints, gray and brown. Just like with different colors of sunglasses, the color of transition lenses have different advantages.

These lenses offer a neutral color that is best for everyday use. Your color perception will be unaffected by the tint of the lenses. Gray transition lenses are great for both sunny and cloudy weather . Tortoise frames and gold frames go well with gray lenses! These lenses can help to improve depth perception, which makes them ideal for sports and other leisurely outdoor activities, like hunting and fishing . Brown lenses work better in brighter conditions, so they are not recommended for cloudy days or low-light situations.