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Myopia glasses are often worn or not often

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Myopia glasses are glasses used to correct vision and allow people to see distant objects clearly. The purpose is to keep the ciliary muscle of the eyeball able to adjust. With the upgrading of electronic products and the inattention of daily eye use, the number of people with myopia is increasing, and many people question the more myopia glasses are worn.

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1. If it is a child, the degree is relatively low, such as low degree of myopia, astigmatism or farsightedness, it does not affect vision, and it is guaranteed that the vision in one eye can be above 0.8. You can temporarily not wear glasses, and review regularly, every six months. 

2. If the vision has been affected and it falls below 0.8, you need to wear glasses according to the results of optometry, and these glasses should be worn all day long. In addition to washing your face, bathing and swimming, you should wear these glasses every day, especially Regular wearing of myopia glasses will delay the growth of myopia and ensure clear vision.

3. If it is an adult, the degree is relatively low, and it is not necessary to wear glasses. If driving, watching movies, etc. is blurry when looking at a distance, you can wear a pair of glasses as a spare, and you can wear them when you need them. However, if it is high myopia, it will often affect the quality of life and the clarity of seeing things. It is recommended to wear it for a long time. It has a good guarantee for safety and quality of life.