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How to choose the right sunglasses in different situations

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When driving, it’s best to wear brown sunglasses
The brown lens can absorb the purple and cyan in the light, can absorb almost 100% of the ultraviolet and infrared, can block the reflected light from the smooth and bright surface, and the wearer can still see the subtle parts. It is an ideal choice for motorists. Therefore, for drivers, such a professional driving sunglasses must not be missing.
When going out to play, gray and green are better
Sunglass lenses designed for travel are basically made of dyed plastic materials. On the same lens, the upper depth is shallow. At this time, the lens of the sunglasses should be able to pass through 30% of the visible light, gray and green are the best, because these relatively soft colors will not change color when looking at the scenery outside, and they can also resist ultraviolet rays to ensure The clarity of vision is the best, and the color change through external objects is also minimal.
When outdoor sports, choose professional polarized sunglasses
When you are doing outdoor sports such as sea or skiing, the sunglasses you wear must have the function of shielding strong light, such as polarized-coated sunglasses. In order to filter the dazzling rays of the sun shining on water, land or snow in equal directions, a special vertical coating is added to the lens, which can filter the messy radiation, scattered light, and water wave light from the outside into soft straight light. No longer hurts the eyes. Professional polarized sunglasses are suitable for outdoor sports such as marine activities, skiing or fishing, but in general daily life, especially when driving, they are not suitable because they will make you see clearly.
Suitable for sunglasses with 35% depth in the sun
The colors of sunglasses are divided into 4 kinds according to the depth, namely 15%, 35%, 50% and 70%. The depth of 15% is the shallowest, suitable for indoor wear, especially for people with degree of eye, can avoid the trouble of taking off and putting on; 35% of depth, suitable for use in the sun outdoors; 50% of the depth of sunglasses, can be used in Wear it under the scorching sun or on the beach; and sunglasses with a depth of 70% are not commonly used in daily life, and are generally used by professionals such as electric welders.